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According to scientists, the Sun is pretty big.[1] The Moon, however, is not so big.[2]


  1. E. Miller, The Sun, (New York: Academic Press, 2005), 23-5.
  2. R. Smith, "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 46 (April 1978): 44-6.


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...Smoking and health is of little concern to the African people and it seems not to be a popular issue among them. However, if an anti-smoking campaign supported by religious leaders and/or the medical profession is developed, this could seriously affect consumption because of the mentality of the Africans, and their faith in their religious leaders and doctors.

Through ALEC, Global Corporations Are Scheming to Rewrite YOUR Rights and Boost THEIR Revenue$

Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians VOTE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to rewrite laws in YOUR state that govern YOUR Rights. These so-called "model bills" erode protections for ordinary Americans in almost every area of law and often directly benefit huge corporations and their CEOs. These bills thwart reasonable regulation of corporate activities that affect our health, our economy, our environment, our democracy, and our liberty. Legislators are elected by the people for the people, not to represent corporations. Through ALEC, corporations have "a VOICE and a VOTE" on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in YOUR state. DO YOU?

SEE ALL of the "Model Bills" HERE

Learn more about each subject area and view individual bills by using the navigation bar on the left, or scroll down for more information.

How YOU Can Expose ALEC & Share What You Learn

SPREAD THE WORD. Share information about ALEC through Facebook, e-mail and Twitter. Concerned groups and people in every state need this to investigate how ALEC corporations are rewriting laws for their own advantage. And, please join the conversation on Facebook!
EXPOSE ALEC LEGISLATORS. Demand the truth about which politicians in your state are in ALEC. Uncover whether YOUR tax dollars are paying ALEC "dues." Expose politicians who accept “scholarships” from ALEC's corporate-funded coffers for fancy trips.
EXPOSE ALEC'S ROLE IN YOUR STATE HOUSE. Read these corporate-backed "model bills" NOW and cross-check them with bills in your state legislature. Ask your local media to report on what you have found and write your local newspaper.
SHARE YOUR DISCOVERIES. Tell us what you uncovered! Tweet what you learn with the hashtag #ALECexposed, join a discussion on this site or email us a confidential tip via editor AT And, follow our tweets on Twitter!

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