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Through ALEC, Global Corporations Are Scheming to Rewrite YOUR Rights and Boost THEIR Revenue

Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern your rights. These so-called "model bills" reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations.

In ALEC's own words, corporations have "a VOICE and a VOTE" on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in your state. DO YOU? Numerous resources to help us expose ALEC are provided below. We have also created links to detailed discussions of key issues, which are available on the left.

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Using Unions to Carry Big Oil's Water: How the Fossil Fuel Industry and ALEC Criminalized Climate Action in Wisconsin

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ALEC's "Model Bills"

Worker and Consumer Rights bills here.
Analysis here.

Tort Reform and Injured Americans bills here.
Analysis here.

Privatizing Schools and Higher Education bills here.
Analysis here.

Health, Big Pharma, and Social Welfare bills here.
Analysis here.

Environment, Energy, and Agriculture bills here.
Analysis here.

Democracy, Voting, and Federal Relations bills here.
Analysis here.

Tax & Budget bills here.
Analysis here.

Guns, Prisons, Crime and Immigration bills here.
Analysis here.

State Reports


ALEC Launches Attack on Banks That Divest From Fossil Fuels

At today’s policy summit of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), state legislative and corporate members unanimously approved a model bill that would penalize companies that stop investing in or financing fossil fuels.

Read the rest of this item here.

ALEC Forum Promotes Manufactured Controversy Over the Factual Teaching of Racism in K-12 Schools

Around seventy lawmakers, lobbyists, and researchers gathered yesterday at the American Legislative Exchange Council’s policy summit in San Diego to hear speakers push actions and model legislation in the GOP’s manufactured culture war over the supposed teaching of critical race theory in public schools.

Read the rest of this item here.

ALEC Leader Indicted for Campaign Finance Conspiracy

The American Legislative Exchange Council kicked off its annual policy summit today with a meeting of its secret working group on election suppression and gerrymandering strategies, and an “Academy” on right-wing plans to rewrite the U.S. Constitution.

Read the rest of this item here.

ALEC “Academy” Featured a Who’s Who of Voter Suppression Leaders

Grand America Hotel Bar.jpeg
While the July 26-28 session was ostensibly led by the dark money group Honest Elections Project, it was organized, hosted, and bankrolled by ALEC, despite repeated claims by its CEO, Lisa Nelson, that the group does not work on voting issues.

Read the rest of this item here.

More ALEC News

ALEC Leader Indicted for Campaign Finance Conspiracy

Tennessee state Sen. Brian Kelsey, a state chair and national board member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, allegedly used illegal contributions to further his campaign for Congress in 2016.

Read the rest of this item here.

ALEC Voter Suppressors Square Off in GOP Primary for Arizona Secretary of State

Both leading candidates in the Republican primary for secretary of state in Arizona support voter suppression legislation, and one is an insurrectionist backed by Trump.

Read the rest of this item here.

ALEC Leaders Boast About Anti-Abortion, Anti-Trans Bills

At a Council for National Policy conference in May, top legislative members of the American Legislative Exchange Council took credit for advancing bills to severely restrict abortion access and target trans students in their states.

Read the rest of this item here.

Here’s Who Funds the Right-Wing American Legislative Exchange Council

A CMD investigation reveals the identities of the donors behind a large portion of ALEC’s revenue as the group continues its attempts to hide its backers and its agenda from the public.

Read the rest of this item here.

ALEC Claims Credit for Voter Suppression and Anti-Critical Race Theory Laws at Secret Meeting

ALEC boasted about its role in promoting and passing laws making it harder to vote, barring schools from teaching about America’s racist past, and protecting employers from COVID-related lawsuits at a May meeting of the right-wing Council for National Policy.

Read the rest of this item here.

Join the Conversation!

ALEC - The Backroom Where Laws Are Born

This is a glimpse into the world of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a corporate-funded charity that pays for lawmaker trips to resorts where they leave with ready-to-pass bills.

Neither ALEC nor the Georgia legislature would show us where the money comes from, or who it goes to.

A Charity for Lawmakers? ALEC Legislator Resigns to Become Lobbyist

Rep. Ben Harbin resigned after two decades as a Georgia legislator the same day as 11ALive reporters asked him for an interview about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) meeting where he was found behind closed doors with the top state lobbyist for the cell phone industry.

Atlanta's 11Alive follows up on its behind-the-scenes investigation of ALEC.

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