Resolution Supporting Training and Continuing Education for Higher Education Governing Boards Exposed

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The Resolution Supporting Training and Continuing Education for Higher Education Governing Boards was adopted by ALEC's Education Task Force at the Annual Meeting on July 21, 2006, approved by the ALEC Board of Directors in August, 2006.

ALEC Bill Text

Expressing the sense of the Legislature regarding the importance and value of continuing education for college and university governing boards:

RECOGNIZING that lay governance is a part of our democratic tradition and brings the perspective of informed citizens to the heart of the university;

RECOGNIZING that responsible stewardship can make a real difference in what students know and can do when they graduate, in access, selection of leaders, cost-effectiveness, quality of public higher education and in developing closer linkages between the greater society and the universities that serve them;

RECOGNIZING that trustees are stewards of public resources and accountable to the people in their state for the wise use of those resources;

RECOGNIZING that considerable challenges face higher education and that there is a growing public demand for greater accountability, increased responsibility, and improved taxpayer value in [State]’s public institutions of higher education;

RECOGNIZING that many trustees can benefit from a better understanding of how to be effective leaders in the unique context of an academic institution and that informed stewardship can help gain public confidence in higher education;

Now, therefore, be it Resolved by the Legislature, That it is the sense of the Legislature of the State of {insert STATE} that

All governing boards of [state] public institutions of higher education should establish by rule a program of orientation and continuing education for all members; that orientation and training sessions feature experts with a national perspective on higher education; that training programs focus on best practices and central issues in higher education such as trustees and the public trust; legal and ethical responsibilities of trustees; the challenge of academic standards; intellectual diversity and academic freedom; budget development; management and auditing; selecting and evaluating new presidents; teacher education and the relation of higher education to K-12 education; managing resources effectively; and setting strategic goals.

Adopted by the Education Task Force at the Annual Meeting, July 21, 2006.

Approved by the ALEC Board of Directors August, 2006.