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(This page includes tips from reporters, citizens journalists, and others identifying Oregon bills (introduced or passed) that resemble ALEC model legislation. CMD encourages the use of this forum and encourages further detailed research to verify all claims.)

  • HB 3484 "Council on Efficient Government," Introduced: 2011 by Representatives Conger, Whisnant, Senator Telfer; Representatives Brewer, Esquivel, Gilliam, McLane, Thatcher, Thompson, Weidner, Wingard)[1]. Mirrors ALEC's "Council on Efficient Government Act."[2][3]
  • HB 2672 (effective January 1, 2010) "Relating to distribution of tobacco products; creating new provisions."[4] Compare to ALEC's "Resolution on Taxation of Moist Smokeless Tobacco."[5][6]
  • SB 361 (2009) "Provides that class action may be maintained only for members of class who are residents of this state." Sponsored by Senator GEORGE; Senators FERRIOLI, GIROD, KRUSE, NELSON, STARR, WINTERS, Representatives GILLIAM, THATCHER, WINGARD (at the request of Oregon Freedom Works) [7]; Compares to ALEC's "Class Actions Improvement Act" [8]
  • SB 362 (2009) "Limits contingent fees permitted in negligence claims. Provides that attorney may not contract for or collect contingent fee if amount of fee would result in attorney being paid in excess of $500 per hour for services provided by attorney." Sponsored by Senator GEORGE; Senators FERRIOLI, GIROD, KRUSE, NELSON, STARR, WINTERS, Representatives GILLIAM, THATCHER, WINGARD (at the request of Freedom Works)[9]; Compares to ALEC's "Private Attorney Retention Sunshine Act" [10]
  • SB 614 (2009) "Directs Department of Human Services to adopt rules requiring drug testing of persons applying for or receiving public assistance who have been convicted of certain offenses related to controlled substances. Prohibits grant of public assistance to individuals who refuse or fail drug test." Sponsored by Senator FERRIOLI; Senators BOQUIST, GEORGE, GIROD, KRUSE, TELFER, WHITSETT, WINTERS [11]; Compares to ALEC's "Criminal Justice Drug Testing Act" [12]
  • SB 1038 (2010) "Creates a 'Task Force on Core Functions of Government' " Sponsored By Senator GEORGE; Senators ATKINSON, BOQUIST, FERRIOLI, GIROD, KRUSE, MORSE, TELFER, WHITSETT, WINTERS [13]; Contains elements from the "ALEC Budget Toolkit" [14]
  • HB 2290 (2011) "Allows parents of children with disabilities to enroll children in public or private schools outside of child's resident school district." Introduced by House Interim Committee on Education [15]; Compares to ALEC's "Special Needs Scholarship Program Act" [16]
  • HB 2295 (2011) "Requires grading of schools, creates a 'scholarship fund' for parents who want to leave a school graded as failing. Requires Superintendent of Public Instruction to rate school performance based on letter grades." Introduced by House Interim Committee on Education [17]; Compares to ALEC's "The A+ Literacy Act" [18]
  • HB 2510 (2011) "Removes enrollment limitation for public charter schools that offer online courses." Sponsored by Representative WINGARD; Representative SPRENGER [19]; Compares to ALEC's "Next Generation Charter Schools Act" [20]
  • HB 2802 (2011) "Prohibits state restrictions on state agencies and law enforcement in enforcing Federal Immigration law." Sponsored by Representative THATCHER [21]; Contains elements of ALEC's "Immigration Law Enforcement Act" [22]
  • HB 2803 (2011) "Requires state and county law enforcement to investigate immigration status of people who are arrested" Sponsored by Representative THATCHER [23]; Contains elements of ALEC's "Immigration Law Enforcement Act" [22]
  • HB 2805 (2011) "Prohibits state agencies from providing employment, products, services or licenses to persons who are not lawfully present in United States." Sponsored by Representative THATCHER [24]; Compares to ALEC's "Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act" [25]
  • HB 3231 (2011) "Allows an employee who makes a contribution to a labor organization through payroll deduction to designate the political party it goes to." Sponsored by Representatives ESQUIVEL FREEMAN, GARRARD, HICKS, JOHNSON, KRIEGER, OLSON, SHEEHAN, G SMITH, SPRENGER, THATCHER, WEIDNER, WHISNANT, WINGARD [26]; Compares to ALEC's "Public Employee Freedom Act" [27]
  • HB 3360 (2011) "Requires state agency to report to Director of Oregon Department of Administrative Services when any budgeted position is vacant for six months." Sponsored by By Representatives WHISNANT, JENSON, HOLVEY; Representatives CAMERON, CONGER, ESQUIVEL, FREEMAN, GILLIAM, HUFFMAN, KENNEMER, MCLANE, G SMITH, THOMPSON, WINGARD [28]; Contains elements of ALEC's Budget Toolkit [14]
  • HB 3397 (2011) "Requires the state to fund Charter Schools at nearly the same per-pupil rate and exempts charter schools from certain teacher and facility certification requirements" Sponsored by Representative KOMP; SPRENGER, Senators MORSE, VERGER [29]; Compares to ALEC's "Charter Schools Act" [30]
  • HB 3484 (2011) "Creates a list of Government functions and services for privatization" Sponsored by Representatives CONGER, WHISNANT, Senator TELFER; Representatives BREWER, ESQUIVEL, GILLIAM, MCLANE, THATCHER, THOMPSON, WEIDNER, WINGARD [31]; Compares to ALEC's "Council on Efficient Government" [32]
  • HB 4017 (2012) "Requires Ignition Interlock devices to be installed in vehicles of people convicted of certain offenses" Sponsored by Representatives G SMITH, HUNT; Representatives BARKER, ESQUIVEL, HICKS, THATCHER, WHISNANT, Senators HASS, MONROE, VERGER [33]; Compares to ALEC's "Ignition Interlock Device Act" [34]
  • HB 4052 (2012) "Requires state agencies to use federal E-Verify employment verification system to verify employment eligibility of job applicants." Sponsored by Representative THATCHER; Representatives BARKER, BERGER, BREWER, ESQUIVEL, FREEMAN, SPRENGER, THOMPSON, WHISNANT, WINGARD [35]; Compares to ALEC's "No Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Immigrants Act" [36]
  • HB 4076 (2012) "Eliminates the capital gains tax" Sponsored by Representative WAND; Representatives BAILEY, BREWER, ESQUIVEL, HICKS, LINDSAY, PARRISH, SHEEHAN, THATCHER, WHISNANT, WINGARD [37]; Compares to "ALEC's Capital Gains Tax Elimination Act" [38]
  • SB 1539 (2012) "Creates virtual public schools and shifts public education funds to private online schools" drafted at the request of Senate Interim Committee on Education and Workforce Development for the Task Force on Virtual School Governance [39]; Compares to ALEC's "Virtual Public Schools Act" [40]
  • SB 1574 (2012) "Prohibits the state from denying a concealed carry permit granted by another state" Sponsored by Senator PROZANSKI [41]; Compares to ALEC's "Concealed Carry True Reciprocity Act" [42]

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