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Progress Ohio, the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), Common Cause, and People for the American Way (PFAW) released "ALEC's 7 Deadly Sins," a report on the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) influence in Ohio, on August 17, 2012. The report details questionable practices by Ohio legislators, their staffers, and lobbyists involved with ALEC. Click here to read the report.

Previously, PFAW, Progress Ohio, Common Cause and CMD co-published "ALEC in Ohio: The Corporate Special Interests at Help Write Ohio’s Laws" on February 6, 2012. The report contains information about the corporate money surrounding ALEC, Governor John Kasich's connections to ALEC, Ohio legislators and ALEC, ALEC's influence on Ohio law, and provides detailed side-by-side analyses of ALEC-inspired legislation in Ohio. Click here to read the report.

Bill Comparisons

(This section includes tips from reporters, citizens journalists, and others identifying Ohio bills (introduced or passed) that resemble ALEC model legislation. CMD encourages the use of this forum and encourages further detailed research to verify all claims.)

  • HB 286 (Introduced 6/26/2011) "Unauthorized aliens-employment of" (Sponsors: Courtney Combs, Danny Bubp)[1], large portions taken directly from ALEC's "Fair and Legal Employment Act."[2][3]
  • HB 159 (Passed 3/23/11) "Voter ID Act"[4] similar to ALEC's "Voter ID Act"[5][6]
  • HB 153 was an omnibus budget bill sponsored by Rep. Ron Amstutz. [7] Signed into law June 30, 2011. It drew from several ALEC bills, including "The Innovation Schools and School Districts Act," 'Private Correctional Facilities Act" and the "Prison Industries Act." [8]
  • S.B. 88, sponsored by Sen. Kris Jordan (R-19).[9] Compare to ALEC's "Resolution Supporting Private Scholarships Tax Credits."[8]
  • S.B. 5, sponsored by Sen. Shannon Jones (R-7).[10] Draws from several ALEC bills, including the "Public Employee Bargaining Transparency Act, "Prohibition of Negative Check-off Act," "Political Funding Reform Act," and the "Public Employee Freedom Act." This bill was repealed by a referendum on November 8th, 2011.[8]
  • S.B. 89, sponsored by Sen. Kris Jordan (R-19). Compare to ALEC's "Open Contracting Act." [8]
  • H.B. 275, sponsored by Rep. Ronald E. Young (R-63).[11] Compare to ALEC's "Offer of Settlement Act."[8]
  • Health Care Amendment, Issue 3 was passed on November 8, 2011.[12] Compare to ALEC's "Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act."[8]



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