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(This page includes tips from reporters, citizens journalists, and others identifying Missouri bills (introduced or passed) that resemble ALEC model legislation. CMD encourages the use of this forum and encourages further detailed research to verify all claims.)

  • Proposition C - ALEC openly bragged in a press release that the state of Missouri passed Proposition C, also known as the "Health Care Freedom Act," based on its model bill titled "Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act", and which conflicts with a key provision in the new federal health care law that requires people to have health insurance or pay fines by 2014.[1][2]
  • HB255 - The “Private Attorney Retention Act” - Rep. Stanley Cox (R-Sedalia publicly acknowledged that "his" legislation, titled the "Private Attorney Retention Act," was modeled on an ALEC proposal titled the "Private Attorney Retention Sunshine Act," which ALEC created out of concern about fees paid to private lawyers as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement with tobacco companies (despite the fact that ALEC claims to support private enterprise).[3][4][5]
  • SB1 (effective August 28, 2011) "Bars employers from requiring employees to engage in or cease engaging in certain labor practices" (2011 Sponsor: Sen. Luann Ridgeway; 2010 sponsor: Sen. Jason Crowell: 2005 sponsor: Rep. Steve Hunter)[7] is similar to ALEC's "Right to Work Act"[8][9][2]
  • HB 393 (2011) "Parent Empowerment and Choice Act"[10] is similar to ALEC's "Parent Trigger Act"[11][12][2]
  • HB 1282 (died in committee 2002) "Common Sense Scientific and Technical Evidence Act."[13] Compare to ALEC's "Common Sense Scientific and Technical Evidence Act."[14][15]
  • SJR 29 (tabled 5/14/10) "relating to the revenue-neutral replacement of state taxes on income with an amended sales and use tax."[16] Discussed as a positive example in ALEC's "The Missouri Compromise," Chapter 2 of "Rich States, Poor States."[17][18]


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