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(This page includes tips from reporters, citizens journalists, and others identifying Minnesota bills (introduced or passed) that resemble ALEC model legislation. CMD encourages the use of this forum and encourages further detailed research to verify all claims.)

  • HF 1369/SF 1118 (2011): (Authors: Rod Hamilton, Sen. Magnus). The bill prevents private citizens from "investigating, documenting, or perhaps even reporting their concerns to state and federal authorities" about agricultural operations. It is similar to ALEC's "Animal and Ecological Terrorism Act." [1]
  • HF0950/SF0570 (2011): Sponsors: Rep. Gruenhagen, Sen. Jungbauer. This bill is similar to ALEC's "Parental Rights Amendment." The bill "would urge the U.S. Congress to propose the Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States," which would offer constitutional protection to the privatization of public education.[1]
  • HF 64, HF 358, HF691, HF38390, and SF 175: all contain elements of SB 1070, the anti-immigrant bill from Arizona that as crafted at the behest of ALEC member Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). These bills are "designed to send thousands of illegal immigrants to private prisons at a huge expense to Minnesota taxpayers."[1]
  • HF 0040/SF 0843 (2011): (Authors: Rep. Norton and Sen. Senjem): This bill creates "educational accounts for employees and employers" that would allow the private education industry to "attract more customers." Similar to ALEC's Lifelong Learning Accounts Act.[1]
  • HF 1563 (2011): (Author: Rep. Drazkowski) The bill urges Congress to adopt "a federal constitutional amendment that would permit the repeal of any federal law by a simple vote of two-thirds of state legislatures." This legislation "was copied almost verbatim" from ALEC's "Repeal Amendment."[1]
  • SF 322 (2011): (Author: Sen Jungbauer) The bill urges Congress to lobby the EPA to not regulate greenhouse gas emissions. This legislation is similar to ALEC's "Opposition To EPA's Plan to Regulate Greenhouse Gases Under the Clean Air Act."[1]
  • HF 1467/SF 1357 (2011); SF1388 (2011), SF 1389 (2011): (HF 1467 House author: Rep. Cornish, SF 1357 author: Sen. Hoffman, SF 1388 author: Sen. Lillie) These pieces legislation would allow "a person to shoot a trespasser who is outdoors on a patio, porch, or garage- as long as the defender has a reasonable fear for his or her safety," a policy that is consistent with the so-called Castle Doctrine and is similar to ALEC bills, including the "Emergency Powers Firearm Owner Protection Act, the "Castle Doctrine Act," and the "Concealed Carry True Reciprocity Act."[1]
  • HF 0002/SF 0146 (2011): (Author: Rep. Banaian, Sen. Chamberlain) These bills transform budgeting procedures by requiring agency budget proposals "to include three alternative funding levels or alternative ways to perform each activity (at least one of which must be less than expenditures in the previous biennium)." This bill is similar to ALEC's "Budget Toolkit Recommendations" as well as "An Act Relating to Performance Audits of Governmental Entities."[1]
  • HF 0067/SF 0129: (Authors: Rep. Downey, Sen Parry). This bill would require the state to achieve a balanced budget each year. It draws from ALEC's "Budget Toolkit Recommendations."[1]
  • HF 1612/SF 1364 (2011): This bill would put forward a constitutional amendment to adopt a statutory limit to revenue and/or spending. It draws from ALEC's Budget Toolkit Recommendations."[1]
  • SF 1047 (2011): (Author: Sen. Parry) This bill would "create a Sunset Advisory Commission to make recommendations on the abolition, continuation, or reorganization of each state agency and its advisory committees." It draws from ALEC's "Budget Toolkit Recommendations." This legislation was recently vetoed by Governor Dayton. However, HF 0027/SF 0012, which contained the same basic elements as SF 1047, was passed into law during Minnesota Legislature's special session.[1]
  • HF0199/SF 0033 (2011) (Authors: Rep. Gottwalt and Sen. Hann) This bill "would prohibit the legislature from requiring individuals to purchase health insurance (or imposing penalties for not purchasing insurance)," in direct conflict with the Affordable Care Act. It draws from ALEC's Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act."[1]
  • HF 1552/SF 1343 (Authors: Rep. Wardlow, Sen. Hoffman): "This legislation would prevent Minnesota from participating" in the Health insurance Exchange required by the Affordable Care Act. The bill is similar to ALEC's Resolution on Preserving States' Rights Regarding Federal Health Insurance Exchanges and a Public Plan"[1]
  • HF 0064/ SF 0175 (2011): This piece of legislation "would establish English as the official language" in the state of Minnesota. The bill is similar to ALEC's "Omnibus Common Language Act."[1]
  • HF0358 (2011): (Author: Rep. Barrett) The bill "would ban cities and police departments from adopting community policing ordinances or policies designed to build trust with immigrant and refugee crime victims and witnesses." It is similar to ALEC's "Immigration Law Enforcement Act."[1]
  • HF 0691 (2011) (Author: Rep. Smith) The bill "would require law enforcement officers to record the immigration status of felon arrestees, and require peace officers to report suspected immigration violations by felon arrestees." It draws from ALEC's "Immigration Law Enforcement Act," which was also incorporated into Arizona's SB 1070.[1]
  • HF 3830 (2010): (Author: Rep. Drazkowski) The bill "is copy-cat legislation of Arizona's controversial SB 1070 also called the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act." After it was introduced, the bill was subsequently defeated in the House Public Safety Policy and Oversight Committee.[1]
  • HF 0065 (2011) (Author: Rep. Drazkowski) "This legislation proposes a Right-to-Work constitutional amendment, which would stop employers and employees from negotiating an agreement (also known as a union security clause) that requires ll workers who receive the benefits of a collective bargaining agreement to pay their share of the costs of representing them." It draws from ALEC's "Right to Work Act as well as the "Public Employee Freedom Act."[1]
  • SF 0623 (2011) (Author: Sen. Hann) The bill "bars public employee union dues check offs." It draws from ALEC's "Public Employer Payroll Deduction Policy Act."[1]
  • HF 1598/SF 1384 (2011) (Authors: Rep. Drazkowski, Sen. Kruse): The bill "would propose a constitutional amendment" that would require a super majority (three-fifths of the legislature) to approve increases in state income tax, state sales tax, property taxes, or to impose a new tax. It is similar to ALEC's "Super-Majority Act."[1]
  • HF 1079 (2011): (Author: Rep. Holberg) "This legislation would change the way the sate taxes chewing tobacco to the the rate on weight." It draws from ALEC's "Resolution on the Enhancement of Economic Neutrality, Commercial Efficiency, and Fairness in the Taxation of Moist Smokeless Tobacco (MST) Products."[1]
  • SF 509/HF 210 (vetoed 5/26/11) "Voter ID Act."[2] Compare to ALEC's "Voter ID Act."[3][4] Other legislation currently making its way through the legislature can also be compared to the "Voter ID Act," including HF0089/SF0479, HF 1597, and HF 1662.[1]
  • HF 1418/SF 1236 (2011): (Authors: Rep. Woodard, Sen. Parry) Compare to "Successor Asbestos-Related Liability Fairness Act."[1]
  • HF 0264/SF 0160 (Authors: Rep. Urdahl and Sen. Hann) Compare to "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act." Vetoed by Gov. Dayton.[1]
  • HF 0747/SF 0429 (2011) (Authors: Rep. Mazorol and Sen. Newman) Compare to "Litigation Accountability Act" and "Offer of Settlement Act." Passed in the senate.[1]
  • HF 0211/SF 0149 (2011)(Authors: Rep. Wardlow and Sen. Ortman) Compare to "Class Action Improvements Act/Litigation Accountability Act."[1]
  • HF 0654/SF 0373 (2011)(Authors: Rep. Wardlow, Sen. Ortman) Compare to Statute of Limitation Reduction Act. Passed in senate.[1]


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