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ALEC's Efforts to Rewrite Laws about Americans' Rights

Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians VOTE BEHIND CLOSED DOORS to change the nearly every aspect of the law governing YOUR Rights. These so-called "model bills" -- supported by corporations -- erode the rights of working Americans in almost every area of law and also thwart reasonable regulation of corporate activities that affect our health, our economy, our environment, our democracy, and our liberty. Behind the scenes, through ALEC, corporations have "both a VOICE and a VOTE" on specific changes to the law that are then proposed in state legislatures. Do you?

READ the "Model Bills" HERE

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WHO Is Behind ALEC?

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Corporations and politicians on ALEC's Task Forces(details here)

Businesses and legislators on ALEC's leadership boards (details here)

Managers, staff, and "experts" of ALEC (details here)

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Industry-specific agendas, like oil companies (here) and the health insurance industry (here)

How YOU Can Expose ALEC & Share What You Learn


SPREAD THE WORD. Share the information and articles on this page through FACEBOOK, EMAIL, AND TWITTER. Concerned groups and individuals in every state need to have this information to start their own investigations of how ALEC corporations and politicians have tried to rewrite state law.

EXPOSE ALEC LEGISLATORS. It boasts of 2,000 state legislators, but ALEC's membership list is a secret. Demand the truth from state ethics officials or use your state’s open records law to find out if YOUR tax dollars are being used by politicians to pay annual dues to ALEC. See if your elected representatives are accepting “scholarships” or reimbursement from ALEC's corporate-funded coffers for fancy ALEC conventions and events.

EXPOSE ALEC'S ROLE IN YOUR STATE HOUSE. Read these corporate-backed "model bills" NOW and start to cross-check them with bills of the same name or similar bills in your state legislature. Ask your local media to report on what you have found or write a letter to the paper to share what you learned. (The full set of bills is available in the left column.)

SHARE YOUR DISCOVERIES. Tell us what about what you uncovered! Tweet what you learn with the hashtag #ALECExposed or post a comment in the "community page" of this website or email us a confidential tip via tipline AT With over 7,000 state legislators in the United States and thousands of bills in each state house every year, it will take a team of people in every state to expose the full array of the ALEC corporate agenda.

Take action today to help your family, friends, and fellow Americans better understand how global corporations are trying to rewrite your rights.

Learn MORE about the "Model Bills" that Are Attempting to Rewrite YOUR Rights

The Center for Media and Democracy has annotated the "model legislation" politicians and corporations voted on, and we will be adding our analysis to this page and other publications, such as our sister sites, PRWatch and SourceWatch. Please bookmark this page and check the boxes below for updates on analysis and information.

Ways Corporations Tried to Rewrite the Law


The bills corporations and their politician allies VOTED on behind closed doors through ALEC try to change American's rights by:
(PLACEHOLDER)Making it easier for corporations to get a judge to dismiss an injured American's case before it gets to a jury;
Making it harder for injured people to use "class action" procedures which strengthen their negotiating power;
Making it more difficult to introduce new scientific research in injury cases through expert witnesses;
Limiting the liability of corporations by changing the rules for apportioning fault and thus limiting recover;
Limiting the ability of Americans to sue for injuries where the cause or effect was not known until much later; Changing the rules about where an injured American can sue and the process for appealing a ruling;
Limiting liability for injuries or death to Americans from defective products if a product is approved by the government (even though many regulatory agencies have been captured through the revolving door between government and the industries being regulated, many of the same industries pushing these bills);
Limiting the power of Congress to create national rules to protect Americans, no matter their state residence, if injured by defective corporate products distributed nationally; and, among other things,
Limiting the power of courts in personal injury cases.

Other Helpful Resources


Here are links to reports by reporters and advocates that have been challenging the ALEC corporate agenda: (CMD is not affiliated with these other organizations. If you would like to be listed as a resource, please contact us.)

Did You Know about these Bills?

Some of this Corporate Agenda Has Already Become Law

(PLACEHOLDER)Controversial Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, an alum of ALEC, proposed changes to the law from the ALEC corporate wish list on tort reform as one of his first acts as governor in January 2011. Those measures, in Wisconsin Bill 2, passed before people woke up to his radical agenda once he tried to force through dramatic changes to limit the rights of workers in the state in February. The changes to personal injury law Walker pushed through include X, Y, and Z (PLACEHOLDER). After Governor Walker changed the rights of injured Wisconsin residents as ALEC corporations had called for, ALEC publicly applauded Walker's actions. To learn more about this story, click here (PLACEHOLDER) (Have any of these bills been introduced or enacted in YOUR state? If so, please add that information to the ALEC Exposed page on your state by searching for your state's name in the search engine at the top of this page.)

Limiting Damages for the Loss of Your Child, Spouse, or Parent

(PLACEHOLDER)One of the corporate-politician proposals of ALEC would limit the ability of a family to recover for emotional damages due to the death or injury of a loved one. (LINK) This type of legislation basically makes working class or poor people's lives--as well as the elderly--worth less to their families because any damages for pain and suffering due to the death of a child, spouse, or parent would be limited to an amount equal to their loved one's lost earnings and medical expenses. These kind of corporate provisions try to prevent a jury of YOUR peers from awarding you damages for all you have lost or suffered AFTER a jury finds that your loved one's death was the result of corporate negligence, misconduct, or greed. Is a local legislator who was elected to represent YOU actually protecting the profits of global corporate wrongdoers through such legislation instead of YOU and YOUR FAMILY?

Barring Corporate Liability for Killing Your Dog or Cat

(PLACEHOLDER)In addition to limiting the rights of people injured by corporations, under the guise of limiting "frivolous" litigation in 2006, one of the proposals would make it harder for you to obtain any compensation from a company whose negligence killed your family pet.(LINK) In 2009, Americans learned that many U.S. pet food companies had shipped the production of food for their four-legged companions overseas and that Chinese contractors had contaminated the pet food with melamine in order to increase profit margins, resulting in the death and serious injuries of numerous dogs and cats in the U.S. If passed in your state, ALEC's corporation-backed proposal would make it very difficult for YOU to recover any damages for the loss of your beloved animal companion due to corporate negligence or misconduct in manufacturing food for America's beloved pets.

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