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The ALEC Federal Relations Program is listed under ALEC's Federalism and International Relations Task Force, headed by Director Karla Jones. An updated version of this document is available on, any words removed from the original version are indicated with strikethrough and additions are given in bold. (Accessed on 8/17/2015).

ALEC Bill Text

Because of the success of ALEC legislative leaders in the states, their careers are expanding beyond state legislatures. As a result, ALEC has developed the Federal Relations program for its alumni members.

The focus of the Federal Relations program is to build a productive bipartisan working relationship among current and former ALEC members at all levels of government. Bringing state legislative leaders into contact with their congressional counterparts is the cornerstone of the Federal Relations program. It enables ALEC members, both state and federal, to secure and protect a sound and balanced government. Through this relationship, ALEC provides its 77 93 members with information and testimonial support from the states on pressing policy matters.


House of Representatives (71) (73)

Senate (6) (13)


Karla Jones

Director, International and Federal Relations

(202) 742-8518 (571) 482-5017